Reduction and Prevention of Statelessness in Georgia

General information

Project: Reduction and Prevention of Statelessness in Georgia

Status: In progress

Duration: 2012–2015

Donor: UNHCR

Budget: 220,560 GEL

Partner: Innovations and Reforms Center (IRC)

Project objective

To implement measures to reduce statelessness in Georgia.

Main component of project

    • Monitoring and consultation – to monitor procedures of establishing and receiving Georgian citizenship and establishing a status of stateless person in Georgia by territorial offices of the Agency; to provide consultations to employees; to maintain statistics;
    • Legislative activity – to improve legislative framework regulating the issues of citizenship and statelessness;
    • To improve the agency’s database on stateless persons – to check citizenship status of stateless persons and in case they have citizenship, to terminate their status of stateless persons.

Expected results

Measures implemented within the framework of project will ensure flexible and efficient conduct of processes while taking into account the rights of people seeking citizenship and status of stateless person.