Positive parenting

General information

Project: Positive parenting

Status: Completed

Duration: 2010–2011


Budget            : 51,716.37 USD

Partners: Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia; relevant academic circles; local self-governments; civil society organizations; Alliance on Early Childhood Development, parliament of Georgia; territorial offices of Civil Register Agency

Project objective

Decrease in mortality rate among children under six years of age through raising public awareness about issues of proper development.

Main components of project

    • SMS – a system of SMS was created (special software). By means of this system, parents and guardians receive various important information about the health and development of children, through mobile service operators of Georgia;
    • Child’s growth and development card – the aim of the card is to monitor the registration of data about health and development of children. A card was created with a joint effort of UNICEF, Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and Georgian Academy of Pediatricians. A short version of card was prepared under the project, which is available in four languages: Georgian, Russian, Azerbaijani and Armenian. A full version of a child’s growth and development card was also prepared, which includes detailed information for parents and guardians.

Project result

Within the framework of the project, the Agency created an SMS system and a child’s growth and development card which will facilitate the achievement of a set goal – the reduction in mortality rate among children aged under six years through eliminating information barriers in the sphere of health care and social service. This instrument will raise the awareness about the issues of proper development of child.