Public sector development through effective delivery of central and regional services

General information

Project: Public sector development through effective delivery of central and regional services

Status: in progress

Date: 2015-2016

Donor: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Budget: 14 500 000.00 Swedish kronas

Main objective:

Effective delivery of public services on central and regional levels through enhancing operational capacity, introducing innovations and supporting civil engagement on local level.

Main components of project

    • Building capacity of Public Service Development Agency for the further development of central and regional services;
    • Development of regional services;
    • Support to introduction of innovations in the activity of Agency.

Expected results

Efficient implementation of the project will translate into improved public services which will be equally accessible on central and regional levels. The implementation of the project will enable Public Service Development Agency to enhance IT infrastructure and improve existing processes therewith ensuring fast and efficient access to important information and documents for individuals and organizations.


Even more, constant efforts of the Agency towards additional digitalization of civil acts will ease the process of issuing personal identification documents across the country and enable service consumers to have a distant access to documents. As a result, customers will have safe access to simplified services of the Agency from any place at any convenient time.


As a result of this initiative the Public Service Development Agency will transform into an organization integrating the development of innovative services into its key competences.


It is also expected that through e-governance and community centers the project will indirectly contribute to the delegation of power onto local governments and by deepening relations between local governments and citizens will contribute to the process of decentralization which is underway in the country.