Death registration

A civil acts registration body registers the death of a citizen of Georgia, a stateless person in Georgia and any person who dies in Georgia. Death of a permanent residence permit holder in Georgia who dies abroad is registered upon the request of an interested party. Death is registered in any branch of the Public Service Development Agency or Public Service Hall.

Documents required

1) Document certifying identity of applicant;

2) Document certifying identity of a deceased person;

3) One of the following documents certifying the death:

  • Medical document certifying death;
  • Decision of an authorized body on the establishment of death;
  • Court decision on declaring a person dead;
  • Protocol drawn up by a representative of local executive body (municipality) certifying the death of a person;
  • Document issued by an authorized body on the death of a person who was repressed by a decision of a court or an administrative body of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia;
  • Notification of Defense Ministry of Georgia or Ministry of Interior of Georgia on the death of officer in peacekeeping operations, war and military actions, also the death of officer as a result of natural disaster;
  • Document certifying death of a person, issued by an authorized body of foreign country in accordance with the legislation of that country;
  • Document issued by an authorized administrative body on the death of a person in the World War II.

Terms and fees

A death certificate is issued for free, no later than the next business day of submitting the application.