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With the assistance of UNDP, the Public Service Development Agency has created the Innovative Service Lab which assists public and private organizations in designing and implementing new, modern and innovative services.

The concept of Innovative Service Lab envisages the planning of the entire product cycle – from generating ideas to concrete steps to implement them. By designing a service, applying customer behavioral science or other innovative methods, the Lab creates and develops innovative services for public and private organizations.

To implement various products, the Innovative Service Lab cooperates with several public and private organizations:

  • Liberty bank
  • Georgian National Tourism Administration
  • 112
  • National Scientific Library

Taking into account demands and needs of customers, the Innovative Service Lab aims at creating customer-tailored services.

The Lab is engaged in studying best practices, generating new ideas and building a culture of innovation in the Agency.

Within the scope of Innovative Service Lab the Agency introduced a virtual “idea box” to generate and manage ideas. Every employee of the Agency is able to register his/her new idea in the box or discuss and assess ideas of colleagues. This, along with incentives for actively engaged employees, will ensure the involvement of every Agency employee in the management of innovations and thorough research of customer interests.