Public Information

Person responsible to ensure the access to public information

Nino Danelia – Chief Specialist, Civil Acts and Registration Service of Public Service Development Agency

T: 240 10 10 (3569)

Complaints procedure

An action taken or administrative act issued by administrative body may be appealed. Rules of administrative proceedings of administrative complaints are set out in Chapter XIII of the General Administrative Code of Georgia. An administrative complaint must be filed within one month after the publication of or becoming officially familiar with the administrative act or the date on which an interested party learns about an action (performance or non-performance of action).


An administrative complaint shall be filed with an administrative body having issued/performed an act/action or its superior body. For example, a complaint against an act/action issued/performed by a branch of Public Service Development Agency must be filed with its superior body – the Public Service Development Agency.


An administrative complaint must be in writing and contain the following information:


  1. a) Name of administrative body which the administrative complaint is filed with;


  1. b) Identity and address of the person filing the administrative complaint;


  1. c) Name of administrative body whose administrative act or action is appealed;


  1. d) Name of appealed administrative act;


  1. e) Claim (for example, to invalidate an administrative act, declare it nil and void, perform an action, refrain from performing an action);


  1. f) Circumstances of the claim;


  1. g) List of documents attached to the administrative complaint.

Annual report on public information


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