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A citizen of Georgia, also, a stateless person in Georgia, whose birth is registered in Georgia, has the right to change his/her name or/and surname. The change of name or/and surname entails the change in person’s data (name or/and surname) whereas a personal number awarded to him/her at the time of birth registration remains unchanged. To register change of name or/and surname, apply to any branch of the Public Service Development Agency or Public Service Hall.

Documents required

    • Document certifying the identity of applicant;
    • Birth certificate of applicant;
    • Marriage certificate of applicant, if applicable;
    • Birth certificates of minor children of applicant, if applicable;
    • Written consent of a parent (parents) or other legal representative to the change of name or/and surname by an applicant, if an applicant is a minor aged 16 – 18;
    • Consent of a minor having reached the age of 10 to the change of his/her name or/and surname;
    • Document certifying a ground of change of name or/and surname.


    If the change of name or/and surname is registered by authorized representative, additional documents to be submitted are:


    • Power of attorney (duly certified);
    • Document certifying identity of representative.

Terms and fees

Term                                      Fee


Forty-fifth calendar day        55 GEL

Thirtieth calendar day          155 GEL

Fiftieth calendar day             225 GEL

Tenth calendar day                355 GEL


The following categories are exempt from fees:


  • Internally displaced persons, refugees:
  • Students, holding e-ID card (residence card) with the inscription “student” thereon, are eligible to a 10 percent discount.