About Agency

Agency functions


LEPL Public Service Development Agency is a legal entity of public law (LEPL) operating under the management of Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The Agency was established on the basis of LELP Civil Registry Agency in June 2012.

The function of Public Service Development Agency is to support the development of its services as well as public services, in general; to introduce innovative services in the public sector; to maintain and constantly improve the registry of citizens and issue related documents.

In particular, the Public Service Development Agency, on the one hand, performs the functions of the civil registry which include: maintaining a general register of population, registering civil acts, issuing identity documents, carrying out procedures concerning citizenship issues, working on migration issues, apostilling and legalizing documents.

On the other hand, the Agency’s activity has expanded into a new area of supporting the development of public services. This implies assisting public entities to improve their services and create new ones, including generating ideas, diagnosing processes and identifying needs, drawing up recommendations on optimal ways of solving problems, devising and implementing plans of optimization of processes, and assisting in continuous development.

Given its functions, the Public Service Development Agency is involved in a number of important projects designed to facilitate the development of services of the Agency and other public entities, in particular, to:

  • Develop identification services in Georgia. This will enable a reliable and safe identification of persons and organizations both in physical and virtual spaces. These services will enhance the ability of citizens and organizations to monitor the information which is provided to the third party;
  • Introduce e-governance in local self-governments. This will lead to optimization and transparency of activities, including the provision of services;
  • Develop community centers. This involves the construction of multifunctional centers which will provide various state and private services to local population without them leaving their settlements. Moreover, a space is allocated to encourage public involvement;
  • Establish unified addressing system. As a result of this project, flaws in addressing will be eliminated and a unified register of addresses will be formed;
  • Introduce document issuance procedure and e-management in the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia in accordance with the standards of International Maritime Organization (IMO). After the completion of this project, the Maritime Transport Agency will be able to issue documents in a convenient way for customers and reliable form for receivers of documents;
  • Digitize civil acts. Within the framework of this project civil acts existing in the printed form are being converted into electronic formats. This will eventually simplify the delivery of services to citizens.