Building a culture of innovations within Public Service Development Agency

General information

Project:  Building a culture of innovations within Public Service Development Agency

Status: completed

Date: 01/04/2014 – 01/11/2014

Donor: UNDP

Budget: 104,372 USD

Main objective

To build an innovation-oriented organizational culture in the Agency for the improvement of service quality and efficiency in public and private spheres.

Main components of the project:

    • To upgrade the qualification of Agency employees through introducing design thinking and behavioral science in order to enable them to better develop innovative policy, implement result-oriented management and observe the gender balance;
    • To introduce the “idea box” concept and special software for the aim of generating new ideas Agency-wide, collecting information about problematic issues and new services.

Achieved results

As a result of the project, opportunities were created in the Agency to build culture of innovations and apply various innovative methodologies, which in turn has a significant effect on the creation of modern, simplified and accessible services. All this benefits the further development of public services in the country.

The Agency also introduced the “idea box” – the software to generate and manage ideas, enabling every Agency employee to register their ideas, discuss and assess ideas of colleagues. This will help identify and implement best ideas.

As a result of the project, the Innovative Service Lab was established in the Agency which envisages the planning of entire product cycle – from generating ideas about new products (services) to concrete steps to implement them. This process helps develop services and products tailored to the needs of citizens and organizations.