Integration of maritime education and medical institutions into the system of management and issuance of Maritime Department documents

Accomplished activities: 01.2015


  1. Internet system for verifying authenticity of seafarers’ documents;
  2. Watchkeeping the training courses in recognized maritime training centers, education and registration process established by agencies and other controlling entities;
  3. Registration of health certificates of seafarers issued by relevant medical institutions;
  4. Integration of educational and medical institutions in the system.


Benefits already received from the program:


The Agency ensured the establishment of e-management of document workflow in line with the most updated maritime standards for the Maritime Transport Agency; without it Georgian seafarers were not able to work on EU vessels because of low quality of old documents. The European Commission recognized the compliance of new documents with international standards and obstacles to the operation of Georgian seafarers were eliminated.


As a result of conducted works, and by the decision of the European Commission, seafarer certificates issued in Georgia allows seafarers to work on vessels of EU member states (HTTPS:// Maritime documents issued in Georgia were granted a status of legal and safe document of up to international standard.


Documents are issued to citizens of foreign countries which contributes to the development of maritime educational institutions in Georgia. This stimulated the development of educational and medical institutions.


On the basis of conducted works Georgia secured a dignified place in the maritime industry, facilitated the normalization of seafarers’ learning and service process in the international arena.


Also, since 1 July 2014, for the first time in 15 years, the reliability of the state maritime flag of Georgia advanced in the world maritime flags rating and officially moved from the black list to the grey list.


This fact strengthens Georgia’s image and will bring additional benefit to the country’s economy because owing to recognized status, the number of foreign student seafarers rises in Georgian maritime institutions which:


  1. Increases the revenues of maritime educational institutions and seafarers certification centers;
  2. Increases the revenues of maritime medical institutions;
  3. Increases the revenues from students to the country’s economy;
  4. Increases the number of documents issued by the Maritime Transport Agency and accordingly, its revenues.


System of management and issuance of documents of Maritime Department